Prof. Dr. Ir. Jean-Paul Vincken, Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Wageningen University, The Netherlands


Jean-Paul Vincken gained his Ph.D degree in 1996 at Wageningen University (WU), The Netherlands. After his PhD, he joined the Laboratory of Plant Breeding (WU). In 2006, he moved full-time to The Laboratory of Food Chemistry (WU), where he initiated the research on phytochemicals. His research is focussed on the analysis, modification (e.g. oxidation, prenylation), and properties of phytochemicals. With respect to properties, his research has embarked on establishing structure-activity relationships of purified phytochemicals with respect to health (estrogenic potential, bioavailability), antimicrobial activity, colour, and taste (mainly bitterness and astringency). Since 2019, he is professor of Food Chemistry.

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